Yu Sakamoto - Photographer in Tokyo

Yu Sakamoto

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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I always have 2 basic ideas when I take pictures.
1. That the people who see my pictures can feel LOVE.
2. That they're STYLISH.

In regards to idea #1: I really enjoy capturing people's natural expressions.
SMILES are one of my favorites!!!

In regards to idea #2: how many times are we faced with making a decision in our daily lives?
We consciously or unconsciously tend to pick up "STYLISH" things.
Being surrounded by STYLISH things brings us a fresh kind of contentment.

I want my works to become one of your COOL corrections!!

My Creations

  1. TUNAight

    28 March 2016

    TUNA x NIGHT = TUNAight!

  2. Oh Boy

    30 March 2016

    Brooklyn in Sep. 2015.

  3. My FaMiLy

    31 March 2016

    Before I moved to Tokyo.

  4. Catch me if you can

    2 April 2016

    My friend's baby.

  5. Mood

    6 April 2016


  6. T

    12 April 2016

    I took some pic for a new T shirt collection of VK design.

  7. Cool Couple in Tokyo

    21 April 2016

    I met a cool couple when I walked to Daikanyama. They showed me their garage.