William Lee - Non-creative in Tokyo

William Lee

I'm a non-creative in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

About me

I began doing web design from school, back when everything was all about table nesting. But once I got comfortable with my wee nests CSS came along and I started to get a sense of decor. LESS decided to come round for a cup of tea and just never left but LESS likes to organise my drawers which I don't mind so much.

Nowadays I spend more time in the back end of web development working primarily in a CMS package called "Concrete5". It's open source and I am a big supporter of their work. You can find me regularly at their meetings held once a month in Shibuya.

As a university student I spent a lot of time in student production society and continue to be an avid film goer. If the spirit ever moves me in the right direction perhaps I'll find a story worth telling in moving pictures.

My Creations

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