Tristan Denis - Photographer in Tokyo

Tristan Denis

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

Available for contracts

I speak English, Japanese, French, and Chinese

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About me

I am a French photographer based in Tokyo. Specialised in Events, Music Live photography and Video Interview.
I work as a freelance and am available for contract.
I am photographer at Gokan Mag and I am the official photographer/videographer at Real Japanese Hip Hop.
My work has been featured in France (ART LIFE GALLERY) and as a model at Kiyoshi Art Space in Tokyo.
I sometimes appear as a model and in some promoting video .

My Creations

  1. As the official photographer of Real japanese Hip Hop, I covered differents live music and concert events through the last 2 years. Here is a panel of the pictures I took, including places like Harlem, Daikanyama Unit, Eggman, WWWX, Spincoaster and others. Such artist as YonYon, Wonk, Jinmenusagi, Dwason Baiden... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. I was the photographer during the Leslie Kee Interview for his 20 Years Vogue Taiwan exhibition in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

  3. I was asked to take photos of events, such as Art Exhibition, Magazine presentation, Interviews or Radio live.

  4. SHOOTING - Tokyo Portraits

    7 September 2020

    Series of Portraits shooting in Tokyo.
    - (Thanks to Real Japanese Hip Hop) With artists such as Maliya, Yurika, BBY NABE & SheidA, Wonk.
    - With Louis, Sho and Rasiki.

  5. I do reportages all around Japan for the magazine Gokan Mag, Such as Matsuri, Jinja, Fishing and places or events about Japanese culture.

  6. Multiple appearance in a promotion video for Kansai region. (Thanks to Gokan Mag)

  7. My appearances as a model in Tokyo.

  8. Appearance in Hamamatsu Promotion video (Thanks to Gokan Mag).

  9. My 2nd exhibition, this time as a model with the chinese photographer Rasiki, in the Kiyoshi Art Space Gallery in Minami-Aoyama in Tokyo.

  10. My work has been rewarded in France, for my 1st photo exhibition in duo
    with the chinese photographer RASIKI.
    “TOKYO TWINS” is, from 28th September till 14th December in the Art Life Gallery in Saint-Raphael in the South of France, thanks to Laurence Barbero.