Toby Shorin - UX Professional in Tokyo

Toby Shorin

I'm an ux professional in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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About me

I think of myself as a designer, but these days I find myself working as a holistic product builder. I help small businesses define, build, and manage products, and collaborate with others on my own projects.

My thinking draws from many models and sources of inspiration, from the esoteric – architecture discourse, critical design theory, 20th century hermeneutics – to the mundane – brand analysis, trend forecasting, new technologies. You can see what I'm thinking about lately by visiting my blog, Subpixel Space. I'm interested in building tools to help independent creators and producers support themselves, and recently I've been looking to learn more about blockchain technologies. If you're working on something cool in those areas, I'd love to talk!

I am also an organizer of Japan NYC Startups, the biggest Japan-US startup community on the East Coast. Reach out if you're ever visiting NYC!

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