Tatsushi Eto - Illustrator in Tokyo

Tatsushi Eto

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

I'm an illustrator born in Hokkaido, raised and living in Kanagawa. I specialize in illustration, hand-lettering and illustrative patten design.

My Creations

  1. Icebergs

    16 September 2015

    'Icebergs' is the second pattern I designed after learning how to make repeatable pattern using Photoshop and it's always been one of my favorite ever since.

  2. Forest

    16 September 2015

    'Forest' pattern.

  3. Breads

    16 September 2015

    I must have been so hungry when I drew these breads.

  4. Lettering I did for my daughter's fourth Birthday. I painted it on a paper in a large scale, cut the each letter out and stick them on a wall with scotch tape.

  5. Congrats!

    4 November 2016

    I occasionally have lunch alone doodling at my desk. Sometimes the idea I jotted down on a sheet of paper turns into my obsession and this is one of those cases. I tried to curve out the word, "Congrats!" in negative space. There's a lot to be fixed as I... continue reading (0, 1 image)