Tania Vicedo - Illustrator in Tokyo

Tania Vicedo

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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Hi, I'm Tania.

I create images and sometimes graphic stories and zines with simple shapes and textures which communicate ideas in a way that will invite the spectator to be curious and use their imagination to interpret them.

I have recently moved to Tokyo and I am keen to discover everything about this exciting city, meet new people and make new work that reflects what I learn here.

My Creations

  1. Build (draw) your own way !
  2. Diving Deep Down

    28 November
    Diving Deep Down
  3. Healing

    21 August

    Illustration for an article about overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol through a program that mixes science and spirituality. Addiction it is a serious issue that ...

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  4. In a not so far future...

    Graphic short story about a utopian future in which there is no room for personal choices as technology takes over and informs humans to make the best choice in every ...

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  5. Roamer

    20 June

    Roamers are the modern nomads, people who might keep travelling for work, adventure, intellectual stimulation... I am a bit of a roamer myself, I have been travelling ...

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  6. New website design

    I have just re-designed my whole website/portfolio. After some research on it, I have decided to go for a more visual approach to what I had before. Making sure you ca...

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