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Sylvain Pierre

I'm an entrepreneur in Tokyo, Japan

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I landed in Vietnam in 2006 where I co-founded Officience, a BPO company. In 2013, we decided to switch to a fully horizontal organizational model, and the company still innovates following that model today. After 10 years spent in Vietnam, I moved to Japan to first open the representative office of Officience, and to launch Le Wagon Tokyo, the very first coding bootcamp in Japan.

I am a business books and TED enthusiast, fan of Seth Godin, Clay Shirky and Chris Anderson's ideas. Curious about the latest business and social trends, I regularly share my own opinions on entrepreneurship and organizational innovation on Medium and twitter.

Bitten by the Asia bug, I also travel all across the region to satisfy my passion for food, asian culture and photography.

Fun fact about me: I can speak Vietnamese.

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