Sunnie Han - Artist in Tokyo

Sunnie Han

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak Italian, Korean, French, Japanese, and English

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About me

Hi - I moved to Japan 10+ years ago, then am in the middle of transition to redirect career to different direction.
I am an artistic person and want to find a position in graphic design. Previously I worked in international companies and have been a freelance translator.

Would love to be inspired and inspire!

My Creations

  1. An expression of "Il pleut toujours quand je t'ai vu." (It always rained when I saw you.)

    Used iPhone camera and Photoshop for re-touch the image.

  2. Hydrangea

    21 June 2017

    To capture the moment forever.
    Used iPhone camera and re-touch using Photoshop.