Stephan Jarvis - Photographer in Tokyo

Stephan Jarvis

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

British-born documentary photographer based in Japan since 2009. Graduated from the London College of Communication with a master's degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in 2012.

My Creations

  1. 36 scenes from Tokyo (2/36)

    5 February 2016

    I have a strong interest in screen printing, especially from the 70's UK punk era. As a way to take my photography off the internet and create more tangible media, I recently started experimenting with some of my 35mm black and white photos. Scanned and vectorised to produce a clean... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. New York

    14 February 2016

    Years ago I used to experiment with multiple exposures using a Holga. Whilst the results could be hit and miss, I've found they can be a lot of fun to mess around with in Photoshop to make more abstract pieces.

  3. As a regular commuter on Tokyo’s vast underground network, I’ve always been amazed at the seemingly never ending number of passengers getting on and off at any particular station at any particular time of day. Even those seemingly inconspicuous ones that deceptively make you think would be nice and quiet... continue reading (1, 1 image)