Saeko Tsurumaki - Project Manager in Tokyo

Saeko Tsurumaki

I'm a project manager in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English and Japanese

About me

I manage Executive Briefing Centre to support Sales Teams to engage in conversations with their customers and partners about existing and potential business opportunities.

The experience provides:
- customised agendas around your goals
- unique opportunity for in-depth exchanges with our business and technology experts
- consolidated information gathering
- valuable perspective on strategy and initiatives
- product and solution knowledge
- understanding of the true return on investment offered by us
- opportunity to learn how to improve and modernise your operations

The competence I developed from my work is:
- analytical skills (e.g. surveying, written communication, presentation, creativity, brainstorming, strategic planning, critical thinking, process management, ongoing improvement)
- interpersonal skills (e.g. active listening, public speaking, constructive criticism, openness, assertiveness, positive attitude, empathy, flexibility, responsibility, interviewing, facilitating)

My interests and passions are:
- blues harp
- swing dance
- open mic singing
- acroyoga
- caricature
- art gallery opening reception
- volunteering for sports and children
- moga (antique kimono and 1920s flapper fashion)
- traveling (visited nearly 30 countries)

My Creations

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