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s elliot perez

I'm a musician in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English, Japanese, French, and German

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About me

Studied music at Uni (composition/viola). Just finishing up my first game sound project (http://enengame.com) and starting to think about my next project. Sometimes I like to improvise/play with other people using my viola or Pure Data.

My Creations

  1. enen - trailer

    29 September 2017

    Trailer for a mobile game set to release in October (whoops) with art/gameplay design from Ken Tanigami-Christen and sound from me. I constructed plugins that generate the sound live and associated them with the various objects (line, circle, etc.) so that the sound changes according to the gameplay and user-input... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  2. website

    26 April 2018

    http://www.selliotp.comNo, of course it's not just my old tumblr blog reskinned with a new url

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