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I am an illustrator/graphic designer from the tropical island of Jamaica who enjoys fusing organic and geometric elements to tell visual stories.
After completing my BFA in Visual Communications, I worked at a boutique advertising agency for two years before coming to Japan. I currently create from my home studio while my music blazes at a somewhat respectable volume.

Please feel free to send me a message for any commissions, collaborations, questions or just to say hi.

My Creations

  1. Magazine Spot Illustration

    15 September 2017
    Magazine Spot Illustration

    Editorial illustration for Caribbean Beat Magazine about America's acquisition of the Virgin Islands from Denmark, in 1917. Caribbean Beat is an inflight magazine for ...

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  2. Book Cover Redesign

    29 September 2017
    Book Cover Redesign

    Wake Rasta and Other Stories was written by Jamaican born author, Garfield Ellis. The book contains  7 short stories and I was commissioned to revamp the pre-existing ...

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  3. Dubwise Poster

    10 October 2017
    Dubwise Poster

    My entry for the 2013 International Reggae Poster Contest.I envisioned the image as a 'Deity of Dub' that would bring forth a kind of musical nirvana through the power...

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  4. Book Cover Redesign

    19 October 2017
    Book Cover Redesign

    Another Book cover redesign for Garfield Ellis' short story series. Preliminary drawing

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  5. TOA T-shirt Design

    16 November 2017
    TOA T-shirt Design

    That time I stepped over to the kawaii realm of the design world. While I was on the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Programme, there was a call-for-entries to de...

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  6. Spot Editorial Illustration

    29 November 2017
    Spot Editorial Illustration

    Artwork for an article in Caribbean Beat Magazine about a disgraceful diplomatic incident between Haiti and Germany 120 years ago. The incident involved a forced apolo...

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  7. Editorial Illustration: Defenders of the Faith

    Done for a Caribbean Beat editorial that explores the tribulations faced by the early-day Spiritual Baptists of Trinidad and Tobago. The article goes on to reveal how ...

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  8. Sombrero Island- Editorial Illustration

    Illustration for a Caribbean Beat Magazine editorial that gives some historical insight into the iconic Lighthouse on Sombrero Island, 34 miles north-west of Anguilla....

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  9. Over The Line - Editorial Artwork

    Another piece in Caribbean Beat Magazine for a story about Walter Tull, a Barbadian-British lieutenant who got killed at the age of 29 in World War 1. He was also for ...

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  10. B.I.G.

    2 April 2018
  11. Arthur Wint - Editorial Illustration

    Illustrated for another editorial in Caribbean Beat Magazine about Arthur Wint, who took home Jamaica's first ever gold medal back in the 1948 Olympics. But Wint was m...

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  12. ...title pending

    5 September 2018
    ...title pending

    Linework for an illustration idea. Channelling Charlie Brown as my muse for this one. Traced over some preliminary red and blue lines with a 0.5 and a 0.7 Pentel Graph...

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  13. The Gem - Book Cover Design

    14 September 2018
    The Gem - Book Cover Design

    The Gem is a fantasy story with Jamaican themes. It's based on two children's quest to find a precious gem that is rumoured to have the power to save their island. Tra...

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  14. Grace Jones - Magazine Cover Illustration

    The team at Caribbean Beat Magazine, approached me to create an illustration of the iconic Grace Jones, for their November/December issue. They had never gone with an ...

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  15. Mamachari in Heat

    11 August 2020
    Mamachari in Heat

    A freestyle illustration created Illustrator and Photoshop.

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  16. Good Grief!

    25 August 2020
    Good Grief!

    Inspired by the woeful life of Charlie Brown.

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  17. No. 2

    16 February 2021
    No. 2

    I think we've all been there as creatives.

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