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I’m a Content Strategist living and working in Tokyo, Japan. On weekends, I photograph birds. I've just about split my time in Asia with about five years in China, and five years (and counting) in Japan.

My Creations

  1. I wrote taglines and copy for the D4S website, brochure, and teaser campaign.
    Also planned and story-boarded promo videos (post-production) featuring pro sports photographers Dave Black and Robert Beck.

    [More info](http://1rick.com/pages/nikon.html)

  2. Japan Internet Map

    27 August 2015

    At The Bridge, we had a database of Japanese startups and internet companies. Using d3.js (via an outsourced developer), we created this interactive top layer to make accessing those database entries a little more fun and engaging.

    [More info](http://thebridge.jp/en/japan-internet-map)

  3. This is just a personal side project. In western Tokyo, kingfishers are surprisingly common, and even more surprisingly they're not very scared of the many local photographers. I've been shooting them in my free time (d7100 + 80-400mm) and sharing pictures to social sites. Instagram has been especially interesting, and... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  4. Bluebird Pocket Planner

    23 January 2018

    This is a fun side-project I've been iterating on for about a year now. While there are lots of productivity/to-do apps out there, putting your most important goals amidst nagging apps that battle fiercely for your attention is not quite as safe as it used to be
    Bluebird fits in... continue reading (0, 0 images)