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Poan Pan

I'm an illustrator in London, United Kingdom

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As an illustrator, I'm interested in relationships such as humans and nature, human and human or even with ourselves. I translate my observation and interpretation of the relationship with the texture of coloured pencils. Also, I apply motion into the illustration to create a lifeful narrative and with a final touch of humour to bridge the gap between audiences and my illustration.

By taking inspiration from details of everyday life and collecting visual references, I also discover colour themes and the composition from whether nature or the painting. At the beginning stage of establishing an illustration, sketching on physical paper leads me to the adventure of creativity. Reflecting on the fast-paced digital era, I explore the variety of colours and diverse compositions in photoshop to meet the deadline in a short period.

My Creations

  1. Balance in Life

    11 December 2021

    The illustration invites the audiences to wonder between the reality and abstract world. During the pandemic, staying alone in London as a foreigner is a constant struggle within me. The concept of mindfulness, how to meditate and self-reflection lead me to realise the essence of balance in life.

  2. New Normal

    11 December 2021

    To be honest, I do love the normal but am also scared of it.

  3. Beneath the Surface

    11 December 2021

    The hidden secret floats beneath the surface of the peaceful and quiet life.

  4. Illustrate and simplify the classic Woodbent Rocking chair by Thonet.

  5. Same Costume

    11 December 2021

    The embarrassed Halloween moment.

  6. Mr Lightbulb

    11 December 2021

    During the surreal situation of lockdown, loneliness blindfolds me; furthermore, the uncertainty of pandemics leads me to question the meaning of life and wonder if life is absurd. As my response to the existential crisis, I embed my interpretation in the animation, Mr Lightbulb.

    Inspire by Soul (2020) and It’s... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  7. Jazz on a Summer's Day

    11 December 2021

    Inspire by the classic concert film “Jazz on a Summer’s Day.”

  8. Indiana Jones?

    11 December 2021

    Inspire by my journey to the Oxford Botanic Garden.