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Paya Do

I'm a web / mobile designer in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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About me

Paya prefers to start with architecting the best user experience that optimizes practical result, with a minimalistic and artistic approach to design.

Experience ranging from graphic arts and UI/UX design, to native app and Oculus Rift development.

Worked with Forbes Asia's 200 Best company that generated $600M in sale. Previous works including full serviced E-commerce development. Marc Jacobs, Ray-Ban, Diesel, Michael Kors among the prominent clients. Currently working for Japan's first startup unicorn, focusing on p2p e-commerce service that generates more than 10 billion yen in gross merchandise value monthly.

Skill set ranging from Adobe softwares, mark up/scripting language to Unity, Github and design direction/project management.

A BA holder of Political & Social Sciences, with a minor in New Media Design.
Trilingual and having lived in several countries.
A truly home person. Drinking a lot of coffee. Ambivert. Believing that kindness and giving chance are the keys to everything.

*works will be updated soon

My Creations

  1. Human Woman E-commerce Store

    25 September 2017
    Human Woman E-commerce Store

    Responsive design with full e-commerce (cart, payment, my account) and CMS features. Designed fully by me in 2016. I also took part in front-end development together w...

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  2. TokyoGirlsCollection Charity Project

    Banner and web-view LP page designed and marked up by me. A collaboration project between TGC and the 2nd market app Mercari. TGC is a fashion show/event that is most ...

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  3. La Perla private event LP

    25 September 2017
    La Perla private event LP

    Periodical invite-only event LP template for luxury lingerie brand La Perla. Designed and marked up fully by me. Target: 40s and above women/men, mostly heavy PC users...

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