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About me

“Why do you take pictures? What is the story behind your photography?” A question I’m asked for frequently.

The reason I take pictures, not just a documentation of my everyday life, but also to portray what is called “perfect” in my mind.

My interest in photography dates back to my high school days, where I used to take loads and loads of photos with my low-res mobile phone.

I love the grain texture it gives, and I love how I can use it to capture down my life daily.

This habit has to lead me to eventually complete a robust photographic piece during my International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, where I adapted Modern Black & White Fashion Photography to discuss Seven Deadly Sins (S7ns).

Ever since S7ns was born, I continued to learn, explore and experiment with different photographic styles.

In 2017, I finally take up the courage to get myself a film-camera, Minolta x370 device, and that’s a life-changing decision.

“Films are not dead”, and that aids me to create personal mood and atmosphere in within one frame. My camera has become my buddy, walk through different places with me day by day, and to create my definition of “perfect”. Allow others to enjoy and get into the specific mood, furthermore, inner-self development in within.

For me, photographs aren’t just purely about moments captured, but also ongoing imagery running inside your mind.

It’s a media to share, to promote and to inspire others, it’s a universal language that suits everyone, and all you need is an eye with appreciation to understand it.

I wouldn’t call myself as a professional photographer because I do not agree that technics or gears are as important.

I would instead call myself an artist as well an image creator, where you will see vital contents, contexts, feelings and stories from behind.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy the journey of Niko’s vision from my photographic collection, that’s what’s most important.

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