Nick O'Malley - Motion Graphics Designer in Tokyo

Nick O'Malley

I'm a motion graphics designer in New York, USA

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About me

VR hiker making digital experiences to watch and get lost in. Graphic / Game Designer + Digital Animator, inspired by toons and tech. Ready to augment the world with simulated landscapes.

My Creations

  1. Animation Experiment

    28 November 2017

    Animation experiment to test out some process combinations with 3D and 2D. Hope to expand upon this in the future!

  2. Coca-Cola Freestlye

    28 November 2017

    Little project I got to work on at 1st Ave Machine for these Coca-Cola Freestyle machines this past summer! Worked on several of the animations throughout the piece, more on my parts here

  3. Private Space

    3 December 2017

    Still from a gif series in honor of world AIDS day