Neza Bricelj - Creative Director in Tokyo

Neza Bricelj

I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and German

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Born in the heart of Europe, Neza has become a citizen of the world. Her aesthetic attitude creates home = anywhere.

She began her career as a graphic design intern who transferred into product creation working for a world-famous marketing agency with corporate offices in her hometown. 

Soon she realised she needs more = life in a big city.

She moved all the way to the West where she worked for L A clients as a creative consultant developing branding + campaign concepts. After she made her way to A M S T E R D A M to work as a stylist + creative director. Now she lives in T O K Y O finishing her degree in Marketing + works as a freelancer.

The wave of energy + creatives alike in cities inspire her = feels fulfilling to create for + with them.

Let’s make art.

My Creations

  1. What happens when you watch too much Sex in the City + start seeing Carrie Bradshaw in your own life?

    / to be continued

  2. It was one of those fragile moments. More of them = morning light + loft. Feels like sweater weather w/ no sweater.

    / to be continued

  3. I did it. Art + creative direction for MG + Patrick Stump + Macklemore in Summer Days Official Lyric video.

    / to be continued

  4. I just moved to T O K Y O + I don't speak Japanese.

    / to be continued

  5. Woke up at 5 A M + went straight for Starbucks 静物 in Kyoto. Feels like this.

    / to be continued

  6. I did it. Styling of outfits for HOME w/ MARTIN GARRIX + BONN.