Mr. Papriko - Illustrator in Tokyo

Mr. Papriko

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English, Japanese, and German

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About me

Hi, nice to meet you!
I am mr.Papriko, a swiss illustrator & graphic designer operating PAPRIKO Ink. , a small creative studio based in Japan and Switzerland.

I like science, cats and everything with Matcha taste.

My Creations

  1. Personal Illustration inspired by visits to the Science & Nature Museum in Ueno
    I've spent hours in the Cambrian Explosion section and usually leave not before they close the museum.

    I've used ink pens for the outlines and later color and shadings were done in photoshop with amazing photoshop brushes... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. Illustration for Singapore based art magazine Kult.

  3. 'Loading Unit'

    6 October 2016

    Charge me Baby!

  4. Cg Graphic using Blender

  5. Infographic created for GURUNAVI explaining the "Izakaya Culture" with the
    aim to attract inbound tourists to visit and experience an Izakaya, as well as
    provide information and tips for a pleasant stay.

  6. 'Glowing Glue'

    31 October 2016

    Happy Halloween Everyone!

  7. 'Flying Keys'

    7 November 2016


  8. :-)

  9. #GetMeADrink

  10. :-)

  11. 'Hazelnut Wedgie Time'

    28 June 2017


  12. 'Life is Cool - On Acid'

    17 March 2018

    Acrylics & Feltpen on Canvas

  13. Automated Reality

    22 March 2018

    Illustration created for EYEYAH, a Singapore based kids magazine and platform that connects young children to artists with the aim to educate and inform through visual art. :-)

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  16. "Totally Nuts!"

    1 February


  17. Typo R&D Lab

    24 February


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  21. 'Totally Nuts'

    28 June