Michael Turner - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo

Michael Turner

I'm a web / mobile designer in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

I am a university student, from the Center of the Universe, a.k.a. Philadelphia, living in Tokyo. My work involves pushing pixels around on the screen, and then writing and developing the code for it. I also do other artistic-related projects and investments on the side.

I spend my free time learning new things to keep on beefing up my repertoire, running around the city in circles, and playing a guitar. I like books, for the way they look, and how they look on my self. Sometimes, I read them, too. My blood type is coffee. I like the way beer tastes. I'm still spend a lot of time studying Japanese; just received the N3 not too long ago. I am a helpless romantic and a YouTube junkie. I believe in the force. I also learned to love to experiment and try new things.

My Creations

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