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Mekatek Shen

I'm an entrepreneur in Tokyo, Japan

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A serial entrepreneur constantly moving between the San Francisco Bay Area and Tokyo, Jia is focused on offline-to-online technologies, mobile and gaming, and the arbitrage between Asia and the West. A strong technologist by training, he specializes in growth hacking, social mechanics, deep analytics, and gamification. Named one of Businessweek's top twenty-something entrepreneurs in 2008, Jia has always had a passion for cutting-edge technologies, and is a die-hard gamer and hacker/programmer. Jia has founded, funded, and operated large startups in the USA, China, and Japan.

Jia is currently working on PowerCore a Smart Toy Platform.

Prior to founding RockYou at 25, Jia had deep experience across a range of technology companies, including consumer shopping, email authentication and security, Enterprise International Supply Chain Management, and VoiceXML / telephony. Jia was a contributing member of the original team at Bell Laboratories that developed the VoiceXML format into the W3C standard.

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