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Matt Wilce

I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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I am originally from the UK, but have spent most of my adult life in Japan.

Specializing in Japanese entertainment and culture, I was editor in chief of Eye-Ai magazine and editor of Metropolis magazine, Japan’s largest English publication. I am currently the Director of Communications for The American School in Japan, where I oversee digital and print communications, branding and marketing.

I continue to write about Japan for various publications and my work includes stories for People Magazine, The Rochester Review, Ikebana International, Japan Times Shukan, POL Oxygen and JapanInc magazine.

An avid traveller, I contributed to the books Fodor’s Guide to Japan, Fodor’s Guide to Tokyo and started my writing career with a box story in the first edition of the Time Out Guide to Tokyo. My first piece of fiction to be published was a short story in the anthology Foreign Encounters. His joke books for kids include Christmas Crackers and Classroom Clangers.

My areas of interest are food, travel, social media, the film industry, history, contemporary art and popular culture.

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