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Mateusz Sliwinski

I'm a filmmaker in Tokyo, Japan

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Mateusz lives in Japan with his wife Nao and daughter Yuzuki. Mat began his professional career working in video and film, running his own business and working on video productions for various brands as a camera operator and editor for over 10 years.

Mat has always had a passion to tell a good story, and using stories to achieve great results through creative video strategies and high-quality content. After Mat met Nao in Tokyo, a slow but sure interest and love for Japan started to develop. Over a number of years, Mat started to learn about Japanese culture, the language, and how Japanese people think. After having fallen in love with the culture and its people, there was a newborn desire to marry the passions for Japan and business. It was also to help people connect with Japan whether that's inbound or outbound focused, through leveraging the collective experience between Nao and Mat.

Now Mat is servicing agencies and clients in Japan who have an international target audience.

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