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I'm an art director in Tokyo, Japan

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Originally from Osaka, Marin Kadlec grew up in Japan, New Zealand and Ireland. After completing her Irish Leaving Certificate, she moved to England to study at Kingston University, London, and graduated with a BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation in 2011. Her design career began in London where she worked as a freelance graphic designer for 2 years. In 2015, she came to Tokyo as she was offered an Art Director position. She met Joshua Takashi through creative connections and as well as getting married, they co-founded Kadlec Studio in 2017.

大阪市出身、中学校から、ニュージーランド、アイルランドで過ごし、19の時にイギリスへ。2011年に英国のキングストン大学イラストレーション科を卒業し、ロンドンでフリーランスデザイナーとして2年間活動する。その後帰国し、2015年にアートディレクターとして東京で働く。2017年にジョシュアと共にKadlec Studioとして活動を始める。

My Creations

  1. Business Card: Agnes

    30 May 2017
    Business Card: Agnes

    | Business card |  I love being given an opportunity to design a business card for someone, especially when the person is someone I know well and I respect and I admir...

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  2. Event + Album: 'Celebrate'

    | Event + Album Design |  I was an art director of Lifehouse Tokyo in 2016 and with an amazing team, we hosted our annual conference in October 2016. The theme was 'Ce...

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  3. Bookcover: Favourite Daughter

    I had the privilege to work with an independent publisher in the US for an upcoming poetry book by Nancy Huang."Favorite Daughter is a poetry collection trying to upro...

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