Mai Nakamura - Illustrator in Tokyo

Mai Nakamura

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

Hello! I am Tokyo based illustrator.
I was born in Tokyo but raised in India for 6 years.
I have travelled over 20 countries.

I love creating illustrations using watercolor, using beautiful colors.
I get inspired by "kawaii", sweets, foods, and animals.

My Creations

  1. Food is My Passion!

    19 January 2017

    I have created this piece for my friend who got independent as a food coordinator. I have included aspects that describe her: wine sommelier, vegetable sommelier, and tofu sommelier.

  2. Cream Puff!

    1 March 2017

    Kawaii girl inspired by cream puff and harajuku.
    Created using watercolor!

  3. Oshiage Geisha

    7 March 2017

    Inspired by Oshiage.

  4. Good Morning

    16 April 2017

    Eating breakfast starts my day:)

  5. Summer Trip

    12 May 2017

    Brighten up the room for upcomming rain season in Japan :)
    Going to be selling this illustration at Design Festa 5/27&5/28.

  6. Self Portrait

    14 May 2017

    Self Portrait to put on my business card :)

  7. Fruits Bowl!

    18 May 2017

    9 fruits bowls to lighten up the room during rain season in Japan.
    Hope this picture will make you all happy on a rainy day😊