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Lukasz Palka

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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I am an urban photographer living in Tokyo. I was born in Poland and raised in the US.

My Creations

  1. L'appel du vide

    20 May 2017
    L'appel du vide

    L'appel du vide is an exploration of Tokyo's rooftops. It is an attempt to capture the grit and serenity of a world above the streets, where the sounds of the metropol...

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  2. Cutting through the Chaos

    Nikon Europe commissioned me to produce a collection of photos that portray captivating moments within the chaos of the Tokyo metropolis. It was an awesome opportunity...

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  3. Vaporized Memories

    21 April 2018
    Vaporized Memories

    Contrails against a painted sky, crows circling urban spires, rooftops cast in neon glow.... Vaporized Memories is a series of images evoking nostalgia for a time that...

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