Louise Rouse - Researcher in Tokyo

Louise Rouse

I'm a researcher in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English and Japanese

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About me

I'm an artist, researcher and long-term resident in Tokyo.

I co-ordinate exhibitions, secure research grants and critically curate cross-cultural stories within an interdisciplinary artistic research practice. Recent exhibitions include 「Sounds from Liminal Towns」, a duo exhibition with composer Agustín Spinetto at TOKAS looking at the migration stories of long-term women residents in Japan through sound and objects, 「Invisible Cities」, a duo exhibition at Hagiso with Albert Yonathan Setyawan exploring the hybrid global culture of weeds living along the Sumidagawa River, 「Homespun」, a solo exhibition at Nakaonojo Biennale looking at the role of women in globalised silk production in this region of Gunma,「Between Worlds」a group exhibition of woodblock printmakers at Kentler International Drawing Space, New York and 「Out of Bounds」a four-person show at Bloc Projects gallery in Sheffield with Yurie Nagashima, Rie Iwatake and Risa Tsunegi.

I'm working on a PhD at Tokyo University of the Arts and I am a visiting researcher at the Creative Computing Institute, UAL. I am faculty for printmaking and interdisciplinary workshop courses at Temple University, Japan Campus. I have also taught semester-length courses in woodblock printmaking at Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia and and intermedia courses at Chelsea College of Art, London. I have a small imprint and association called Sugarlift which helps connect artists and researchers across Europe, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore through publications, organising lectures and so on. I enjoy working with creative practitioners and researchers on a range of projects.

My Creations

  1. Sounds from Liminal Towns

    3 January 2023
    Sounds from Liminal Towns

    Sounds from Liminal Towns Exhibition at TOKAS Hongo, near Ochanomizu. 2022/12/10 (Sat) - 2023/1/22 (Sun) 11am–7pm, closed Mondays In this exhibition, two long-term res...

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  2. Folded woodblock print, recently exhibited at Kentler International Drawing Space in the Exhibition "Between Worlds", curated by the Mokuhanga Sisters


  3. Artist Books

    16 August 2021

    Work exhibited in the 2019 Japan Now North festival in Sheffield UK, supported by the Japan Foundation, featuring work by Louise Rouse, Nagashima Yurie, Risa Tsunegi and Rie Iwatake.

    Performative journey through the artist's neighborhood using the city as printing plate.


  4. Duo exhibition with Albert Yonathan Setyawan taking its title from Italo Calvino's novel of the same name. My work explores the hybrid global lives of weeds at the margins of the concrete inlet Sumidagawa River, Tokyo's gateway to the rest of the world from the Edo period to present day.

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  5. Popping Corn

    9 October 2017

    Personal work

  6. Home, revisited

    9 October 2017

    Printed and assembled houses, photographed for a catalogue and flyer for "Home, revisited" exhibition curated by Karin Pisarikova