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Liam O'Neil

I'm a web / mobile designer in Tokyo, Japan

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Canadian living in Japan for 10 years... Design is all around me, and I incorporate that into any interface I produce. As a design professional, I believe in 'responsible design', not to be confused with 'responsive design', and empathy for the end user. Have worked for Audi Japan, BMW Japan, and other high-end online presences, also smaller online presences. Doesn't really matter to me how large the project as long as a good client/user experience is end result.

Design + everything around you exists...

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My Creations

  1. Phoebes' First Flight

    26 December 2016

    Older pen & ink illustration...

  2. Dreaming

    24 March 2017

    Pen & Ink... A few years old. But still remains my 'go to' icon/piece representing myself

  3. Caged

    26 December 2016

    Etched into negative paper, was a difficult medium, but the end result turned out ok.
    Note: it would appear that upon upload it enlarged it, losing some of the clarity :(

  4. Space flight....

    26 December 2016

    Pen & ink...

  5. My creation: My next car

    27 December 2016

    Again... another older pen illustration...

  6. Rising...

    1 January 2017

    Best if clicked on to see actual size...

  7. Older water colour

    28 April 2017
    Older water colour

    Was a fast water colour while the subject was painting very quickly

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  8. Red Coat Part 1

    28 April 2017

    A Jean Giraud(Moebius) inspired 2 panel water colour.... From the early days of Heavy Metal magazine. I was heavily influenced by Moebius...

    This is spread 1

  9. The Red Coat... Part 2

    28 April 2017

    Second page of the 2 page 'Red Coat' mini thread. Water-colour wash with pen & ink.

  10. The Lovers

    28 April 2017

    Pencil/Charcoal... Nature can be cruel.

  11. Many hours spent on this... was used as an entire back piece....

  12. A commission for a well known tattoo artist...

  13. BMW Japan front end

    17 December 2016

    Lead designer, and front-end interface btw a Japanese audience towards a western audience.


    16 December 2016

    Lead designer for Audi Japan online presence. They wanted to invoke a more international interface, rather than a very 'Japanese style' web design. This is my area of expertise, in creating online Japanese interfaces to a western audience.

    Have a great day!

  15. As a cyclist/messenger from a long time ago, combined with my cycling in Tokyo, combined with an urge to run/go faster than you should. I created a stencil in which I created in a very small scale version and painted it 'on the fly', while cycling.... footprints as it were.

  16. Gene Simmons/KISS

    17 December 2016

    Worked with Gene Simmons from Kiss(American rock band), to promote his television presence, as well as his fashion line/TV show, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada... Not the easiest client to work with... But through many trial and error, His persona is the sort of...'people don't say "no"' to... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  17. Sakura

    12 May 2017

    Experimenting with ink blowing and water colour...