Levi Robbins - Filmmaker in Tokyo

Levi Robbins

I'm a filmmaker in Kawasaki, Japan

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About me

My name is Levi Robbins, and I am originally from the US. I grew up in Arkansas and went to film school at Chapman University in Southern California. After school, I moved to the Tokyo area and began teaching English. I've been in and out of the film industry with corporate shoots, weddings, etc. I have a YouTube where I post a vlog and do documentaries/shorts about the interesting people I meet. I am always trying to improve my filmmaking with new techniques and push myself to new heights.

My Creations

  1. Bad Cyclists

    26 September

    After having negative experiences with cyclists every day, I decided it was time to document my experiences. I put on a bodycam and recorded every cyclist breaking the law for a week.

  2. This is a music video I made of my trip to Naha City in Okinawa. Please enjoy!

  3. There is a large international dodgeball community in Tokyo. This is from a tournament back in September.

  4. This is from a trip I took earlier this month. Hope you like it!