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Lance Henderstein

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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I am a freelance writer and photographer from Detroit, Michigan. My documentary work has been published in The Japan Times, BBC, Roads and Kingdoms, and Vice. Based in Milan. Often in Japan.

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Instagram: @LanceStein

I am represented by Luz agency in Milan, Italy.

P +39 02.39197006
F +39 02.45071205

My Creations

  1. Tokyo Iro Iro

    26 July 2017
    Tokyo Iro Iro


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  2. Following in the footsteps of Wakayama’s beautiful mind

    A recent photo essay in The Japan Times. 

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  3. Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, Mexico

    Images from this year's Fiesta Grande de Enero a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Festival in Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico. You can see more on Instagram:

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  4. Tanabata Shitamachi Matsuri

    Asakusa, July 2018------

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  5. Wakayama: a Photobook

    6 August 2019
    Wakayama: a Photobook

    I spent the last three years photographing Wakayama prefecture.I’ve selected the best of those photos for a book I plan to self-publish. A visual poem for the people o...

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