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Hi! I mainly produce videos with my friend Krzysztof (who's channels you can see down below) and do digital marketing for clients. I first took an interest in video as a child and opted for video projects in school whenever I had the opportunity. This resulted in a lot embarrassing childhood projects :) but helped me familiarize myself with storytelling and how to work a camera.

Nowadays, I love the opportunities the internet has provided for anyone with a message to convey. When I'm not creating something for clients, I like to test out how my ideas and interests and see how they are consumed by others online. This is how my YouTube channel was started. The video medium is my favorite to work in because its complexity allows for so much more to be communicated than any other medium.


My Creations

  1. US Marine to Zen Monk

    24 March 2016

    Upon meeting Scott, the protagonist of this video, I decided I wanted to create some video with him. This video tells the story of the transition between two very different lifestyles.

  2. I worked on this project with one other person. We participated in conceptualizing, scripting, and directing. This project was created for Intel, targeting the Polish market. Our goal was to show the differences and similarities between Japan and western countries and how this can change based on perspective.

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  3. First Steps

    1 August 2016

    I worked with my partner on this video. It's the fourth from a four-part series made in collaboration with Intel. We wanted to inspire our viewers to achieve their goals by emphasizing the process of simply 'doing.' Subtitles in English.

  4. We were approached to make videos that show the unique identity of this particular client's school. We chose teachers and students with great stories to tell and this is one of the stories that came out of that.


    29 August 2016

    Created in partnership with European communications provider, Orange, we created this video promoting their fiber optic internet. The visuals and story focus on light as a means of communication. The time-lapses extend this analogy visually.

    Subtitles in English.

  6. EEL Master

    7 July 2017

    We had the pleasure of making a documentary-style video about Yamada Suisan, an eel farm in Kagoshima. The man in charge of the eels is extremely passionate and the company wanted us to convey that through video. My company, TOFU Media, was in charge of the whole production process of... continue reading (0, 0 images)