Karina Nakata - Illustrator in Tokyo

Karina Nakata

I'm an illustrator in Utsunomiya, Japan

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I speak English, Japanese, and Portuguese

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My name is Karina but virtually people know me as kariswho. I was born in Brazil but I've lived in Japan for almost 15 years now so my artwork is always conversing and flirting with these two cultural backgrounds. I'm licensed in teaching Visual Arts and I adore studying and drawing inspiration from Art History.
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My Creations

  1. Ma & Pa

    1 September 2019

    This is the artwork that kickstarted the「レプリカ」(Replica) paper collage series. They're all based on dusty analog photographs that I may or may not have the knowledge of the author behind the critical snap. This one is near and dear to my heart because it reveals the first birthday my parents... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. Amélie

    6 September 2019

    For some reason, I love creating characters inside the こわかわいい (creepy cute) spectrum. This one was done using colored pencils and gouache.