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Junel Che Fujinuki

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English, Japanese, and Chinese

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Hello! I am an illustrator in Tokyo. My work are mostly of food and lifestyle creamed with fun & colours. Most of my clients are from FMCG, Food & Beverage industries.

I sometimes travel back to Singapore to conduct public painting and art workshops.

As a kid, I drew more than I talked. (Most probably still am!) I love food, polka dots & stripes, going to IKEA on a weekday, seeing places, reading autobiographies and my 2 lovely cats.

I am always keen in collaborations, and meeting like-minded creatives! :)

My Creations

  1. A Winter's Leap

    26 January 2016

    A winter ski jump always felt so refreshing with clear blue skies and white powder snow. I recreated the scene with a repeat pattern of stripes of blue and white, incorporating my watercolour interpretation of a female sportswoman.

  2. The Gold Miner

    4 March 2016

    Looking at food in a different perspective with tiny beings in my new series "Eat-opia"
    Of imaginative, yet self-reflective paintings of scenes between larger-than-life food and little tiny beings
    I had this cone of ice cream while travelling in Kanazawa. This cone was topped with a thin piece of gold-leaf... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  3. Worked with the lovely crew at Yoroshiku Fantastic for the packaging illustration for AEON Supermarket's Organic Foods series.
    Medium used: Watercolour

  4. An anatomy of Singapore's favourite hawker food numbers for a menu redesign of Singapore's Michelin-star restaurant, Labyrinth. I also did the entire menu concept with a wooden box that houses the menu, which is designed like a school exercise book that students in Singapore used during the 90s. New seasonal... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  5. The Yellow Submarine

    23 November 2016

    An A2 sized commissioned artwork for a popular dessert cafe, I used a number for their menu - A mango pudding rubber duck, and gave it a twist of adventure. Incorporating my favourite Waves of Kanagawa by Hokusai and the Yellow Submarine by The Beetles, little rubber ducky is in... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  6. Depicting women's strength, courage and confidence, these bright pink feather friends are painted for women's day this year for Blossom Blast show at the Ultrasupernew Gallery, Harajuku.
    - Mixed Media, 2017.

  7. Pigeon

    5 July 2017

    A play of simple forms, shapes and lines.

  8. TSUYU

    5 July 2017

    Another play with simple lines, forms and shapes.
    (Gansai/Watercolour/Ink - Private collection - 2017)

  9. With watercolour and ink, this commissioned piece is made for an occasion with Villa San Giacomo, Positano in Italy.

  10. Worked with SCHMATZ Beer Dining Tokyo to develop illustrations for their menu, chalk murals, t-shirt and coaster graphics plus their newest window mural at their Kanda outlet. More details of the work via:

  11. Did a series of motifs for an upcycling workshop for a crowd of 80 in re-using empty bottles with The Body Shop for their APAC brand showcase earlier this year at Happo-en in Tokyo. Conducted the workshop in both English and Japanese and participants had fun painting their craft.

  12. Hello Neko!

    11 July 2017

    Life is a walk through the woods and meeting a cat that hands you a flower as a gift. (Gansai/Watercolour/Ink - Private collection - 2017)