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Julie Kubota

I'm a translator in Tokyo, Japan

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Hello! I'm Julie and I am a Japanese/English translator based in Tokyo. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. I have had a passion for the Japanese language and culture since I was a young girl, growing up on Sailor Moon and Morning Musume. I started to teach myself Japanese when I was twelve years old and took formal Japanese lessons in high school and college.
My love for the language motivated me to study abroad to take intensive Japanese language courses and eventually find work at a Japanese toy company after graduating university.

Currently, I work as an English teacher and translator.
Overall, I am well-versed in professional and conversational Japanese, having worked in a Japanese-only office environment.
I also have experience translating many professional documents such as business proposals and employee training manuals, in addition to content for social media.

In addition to my passion for language, I have a love for writing, Starbucks, and travel.

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