Joshua Barry - Project Manager in Tokyo

Joshua Barry

I'm a project manager in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English

About me

Hello everyone,
I've been involved in a lot of creative projects/businesses in my time in Japan. From starting a restaurant/brewery to running a small advertising agency. I'm currently working with a great creative team as a producer for commercial/art/music video/branding projects for a diverse group of clients. I work as the producer/project manager on these projects.

I am interested in being part of film and move music video and fashion video work, so if you need some help from a project manager or producer, please let me know!

Another pet project of mine is a cashless payment system; using RFID technology, for music events. My team has created an MVP, and we have gone live at one event. We are currently looking for investment to build out a more complete system.

My Creations

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