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Hitomi Abiko

I'm an ux professional in Tokyo, Japan

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Hi there! Thanks for viewing my profile. I'm Hitomi, born in Japan but raised in Boston. I started my career post-college at Rakuten, coding and designing things on the top page for their main e-commerce service and doing a lot of A/B tests. I went home to Boston, took a bootcamp (General Assembly) and did the UX Design Immersive full-time course. Hopped into a UX designer role at Vista Higher Learning, where I worked on improving their flows, UIs, and poked around the JIRA tickets (customer complaints) to learn more about our users. I worked with a great team of engineers and PMs. Later, I became the sole designer on the web side, so now I can handle most things. I've also done a couple of successful Kickstarter campaigns selling collaborative art books, partnering with hundreds of artists. I decided to jump over to Tokyo, quit my full-time, and started freelancing. Now, I run a creative agency/startup with my co-founder and having a blast. :)

Feel free to chat me up anytime. Have a great day!

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