Henki Leung - Creative Director in Tokyo

Henki Leung

I'm a creative director in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak Chinese, Japanese, and English

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About me

I co-run Airside Nippon in Tokyo. After 10 years of working at Airside in London, it was time to bring over some of the Airside sense and spirit to Japan.

We specialise in graphic design, illustration, animation and motion graphics. Our studio is located in Kabukicho (yes, Kabukicho) Shinjuku. We are quite friendly so do stop by and join us for a cuppa (bring biscuits).

My Creations

  1. Airside Nippon was commissioned to design the visual identity and graphic language for the 27th Tokyo Designers Week event which is held annually in Aoyama, Tokyo. Hello Design! was 2012s call for action which attracted over 100,000 visitors.

  2. Airside Nippon created an original animated e-greeting card for Dentsu PR Inc.

  3. Airside Nippon helped create and animate Android avatars for Google Japan’s Android campaign which ran for two years. The Android avatars were used on TV, print, digital attractors and online.

  4. iStock – Contributor

    6 April 2017

    Airside Nippon created a call to action explainer animation for iStock/Getty Images Japan.

  5. Tori

    20 October 2017

    An exhibition was held in Kyoto showcasing a series of self initiated graphic work involving birds from the 47 prefectures of Japan.  

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  6. Cat Hole

    26 October 2017

    Cat Hole is another self initiated piece of work for a cat themed exhibition that was held in Osaka.