Heather Higuchi - Print Designer in Tokyo

Heather Higuchi

I'm a print designer in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English and Japanese

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About me

Hi fellow creators! It's Heather. She does graphic design, photography, writing, translator, account manager etc as her profession at this moment.
Currently she is working on the project: "cha-wan", and "cha-wan hang out". cha-wan is the informative website for non-Japanese people to search on restaurants in Tokyo where have English menu, or/and English speaking Staffs. cha-wan hang out is the event for both Japanese people and non-Japanese people to hang out learning some Japanese culture and food. She always happened to get involved with graphic design without her expectation. She guesses the universe is calling her. Everything is inspiration for her. She loves any form of art. She has a strong passion for eating, cooking, traveling, taking pictures, and sleeping. She is very laid-back, easy going, but romantic person. She laughs a lot. She may be sarcastic sometimes. She passes out when she is starving.

My Creations

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