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I'm a developer in Tokyo, Japan

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Creative Technologist. Art × Code × Brand. I make cool stuff

My Creations

  1. Magazine Portraits

    4 July 2015

    Various commissioned portraits.

  2. UI / UX and programming for this iPhone / Android game featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

  3. Samsung AR app

    4 July 2015

    Graphics and front end programming for this Unity based Augmented Reality installation in Singapore.

  4. Google Japan

    4 July 2015

    Set of 23 images for Google Japan, adopting their house style

  5. Battlefield4

    4 July 2015

    Responsive mobile site for EA, Tokyo Game Show, Japanese.

  6. Red Bull AR Hunt

    4 July 2015

    UX and game design for this Augmented Reality app for Red Bull Japan.

  7. UI and UX for this complex social card battler game on mobile.

  8. Japan Times

    4 July 2015

    Various editorial & pictoral illustrations for the Japan Times website and newspaper

  9. UI and Art Direction for this mobile website. One notable aspect is that I came up with the idea of tilting the mobile device to move elements in parallax, this then ended up becoming a github library that anyone could download and use on their sites.

  10. Kodansha Editorial

    4 July 2015

    Various editorial layout in Japanese for online magazine.

  11. Various pixel art

    4 July 2015

    I love pixel art

  12. Pirate Pop

    20 August 2015

    A game I made in 7 days as part of the GBjam challenge.

    Art & Code: myself
    Music: Harry Waters

    Come play here, it's free: http://gamejolt.com/games/pirate-pop/84996

  13. Audi AR Coaster

    11 March 2018

    The Swedish / Danish marketing teams that do commercial work for Audi had an ambitious plan to make a car jump from the TV screen to your phone, then let you drive the new Audi models around your own home in Augmented Reality.

    An agency that I freelance with here... continue reading (0, 1 image)