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Hanna Koh

I'm an art director in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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My name is Hanna and I was a freelance fashion stylist and art director in the UK. I now enjoy oil painting, looking to being back on set with creatives, to produce stories. Looking for creatives, especially photographers, fashion designers, set designers to work with.

My Creations

  1. Requiem of Dreams

    23 September

    Direction and styling: Me
    Photography: Tetsuya Maehara
    Makeup: Josie Chan using Makeup Revolution and Me Me Me Cosmetics
    Hair: Yuko Aoi
    Styling assistant: Yun Nam Ho
    Model: Millie @ Wilhelmina
    For: ATLAS Magazine Issue 12

  2. Direction and styling: Me
    Model photography: Eugene Shishkin
    Still life photography: Chiaki Kato
    Makeup and hair: Romina Jerez
    Models: Ange Kipoke @ Established Model Management, Andreea N Choco
    For: HUF Magazine #27

  3. Shapes

    23 September

    Photography: Hannah Coates
    Styling: Me
    Makeup and hair: Freya Danson Hatcher @ S:Management
    Textiles and illustration: Kristine Mandsberg
    Photography assistant: Josh Showell
    Models: Sakura @ Kids London, Natasha and Alexandra @ Scally Wags

  4. Monochrome

    23 September

    Photography: Chia Kato
    Styling: Me
    Model: Yukihide Harada @ Major Milan
    Makeup and hair: Atsuko Nagaya
    Photography assistant: Noritaka Murahashi
    For: We Are Collision Issue 4

  5. Colour Me In

    23 September

    Creative direction and styling: Me
    Photography: Anna Radchenko
    Makeup and hair: Valentina Syed, Goshka Topolska
    Set designer: Andrea Katanova
    Photography assistant: Jasper Van Gheluwe
    Styling assistant: Yun Nam Ho
    Models: Stefanie Lange, Alex Bruni @ RMG Models, Jeremy Lea
    For: HUF Magazine Issue 40

  6. don't forget me

    23 September

    Oil on canvas

  7. Oil on canvas