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Guillaume Tauveron

I'm a filmmaker in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English, Japanese, and French

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Hi everyone.
I am a french filmmaker in love with Japan for more than 10 years.
My dream was to make movies in Japan and I have already made 3 feature films, all available in DVD in TSUTAYAS. One is a personal project, "Beyond the blood" and 2 other feature films has been made for japanese production company.
I have also made around 20 short films, around 40 music videos and a bunch of reports and documentaries.
Most of the time I work as director and cameraman, but I have also worked lots of time for other directors.
Making movies is my first passion but I also really love photography, and the relationship that creates with people. Threw my experiences I have also "created" photo therapy to make people feel better about themselves.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any creative projects.

My Creations

  1. Spiral is a music video I have made for singer Fumie Akiyoshi already 5 years ago.
    I was in charge of the script, directing, filming and editing.

  2. WOMEN a tribute

    3 June 2017

    For 8 years I have made lots and lots of pictures about women
    This video is a tribute to women's beauty with a editing made on the song "just kiss her" by Concorde
    The selection was pretty difficult has I have thousands of pictures. Most of the pictures in this... continue reading (0, 0 images)


    8 June 2017

    KEISAKU KIMURA is a japanese actor. He played in my 1st feature film "Beyond the blood" and in other videos I have made. And last month we have made a photo shooting i...

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    23 March 2018

    Video I have made about the snow festival in Sapporo for the website Atjapan

  5. Directed by Guillaume Tauveron
    With: Gaeun
    Music borrowed from: Ta - Ku "We were in love"

  6. Here is my new showreel as filmmaker and videographer
    1st part is more reports, and reports oriented, and the second one is more about fiction
    Until now I have directed 3 features films more than 20 short films, and more than 40 music videos and lots of reports, promotional video,... continue reading (0, 0 images)


    27 July 2021

    Photo session under the rain with Midori at Shakuji Koen
    More pictures there:

  8. Here is a music video I have made for French-Japanese singer Pierre Okada.
    Really nice guy.
    2nd music video should be filmed this month.


    21 February 2022

    Photo shooting with actress Chisa Hasegawa.
    We dit this session around Edogawabashi.
    It's only once picture but much more on my blog :

  10. Here is my showreel as a MUSIC VIDEO filmmaker.
    I have also shot all them as a DOP.