Georges Diallo - Entrepreneur in Tokyo

Georges Diallo

I'm an entrepreneur in Leeds, United Kingdom

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I speak English, French, and Italian

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I’m an African born raised in Italy so I speak very fluent Italian and I moved in the United Kingdom in 2019
I’m a really ambitious guy and I love to connect with new people from different cultures
I also would like to scout Japanese models and sign them in European modelling agencies and Americans, Asians model are really wanted
I aim to make something big
Also would love to visit Japan
planning to go next year for sure

My Creations

  1. My Agency

    24 April

    As a former model my self I know how hard is to make it in this industry as a model so when I founded my agency I also wanted to give them the experience I had so they know what they’re going to experience
    I’m really glad and gives me... continue reading (0, 1 image)