Fumiya Hoshi - Illustrator in Tokyo

Fumiya Hoshi

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

Available for contracts

I speak English and Japanese

About me

I like music especially rock, metalcore, and EDM. Finding new music is to encounter attractive graphic designs too, which inspires me a lot to design my own. Good music is always accompanied by good graphic designs. I'm producing both.

My Creations

  1. T-Shirt Designs

    4 April 2016

    The left one was originally drawn for T-shirt design for my band in 2010. The design of the right one is based on a popular design of Japanese snow cone cups. Designed in Adobe Illustrator.

  2. Three accompanying designs for my record label I don't really own. Bela (White) and ris (Polaris). Designed in Adobe Illustrator.

  3. To explode my inner rage, I drew these angry faced raven and monkey. I drew with rough brush strokes to show wildness and my emotion. Ink on paper.

  4. Two versions of film-poster for SUTOREITO (Straight) directed by Gleb Torubarov. This project was my first experience to design posters for my client and make drafts in accordance with his feedback. He really liked these posters, and I enjoyed designing with the new style the client wanted and I never... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  5. Four Meals I Cooked

    10 December 2016

    Taken from my last exhibition at Harajuku. I drew my favourite meals I cooked. Breakfast, soba, kebab bowl, and soup curry. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.


    10 December 2016

    Designed four places around the office of MullenLowe Profero Tokyo in 8bit style. Taken from the series I drew when I was an intern in creative department in the company in 2016. Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

  7. Matryoshcube

    10 December 2016

    Paper craft of cubic matryoshka. The graphic represents food chain. Wolf, boar, snake, squirrel, caterpillar, and cabbage. Designed in Adobe Illustrator. Printed on paper.

  8. Yohgon

    10 December 2016

    Modified guitar based on "Blitz by AriaProII BLP-SPL BK". I've been longed for a simple guitar with wood pattern like this. I refinished the guitar, mounted a wood plate on it, and replaced all electronics and metal parts. The sound is way better than $1,000 guitars you find in stores.

  9. Band Merch

    10 December 2016

    T-shirt designs for my band Sinister Right. Designed in Adobe Illustrator.