Elena Tyutina - Photographer in Tokyo

Elena Tyutina

I'm a photographer in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

I am a Ukrainian-born (b. 1986) photographer based in Tokyo, working in the field of Fine Art and Fashion photography.
I was introduced to photography from the early childhood. My father who served as a military photographer during the times when Soviet Union still existed would often show me various visual practices available at the time.
In my photography work I like to work on fashion photography, but also fine art. I believe, combining seemingly unrelated elements in the practice often brings freedom of a true creativity.

I graduated from the SPEOS International Photographic Institute in Paris with MA in Photography. Last couple of years I was a recipient of several awards and honorable mentions from international photography competitions incl. Tokyo International Photography Awards, The Prix de la Photographie, Paris etc. My work has been exhibited in photographic festivals, including Les Rencontres d’Arles in France, Révélations au Grand Palais, Kyotographie etc.

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