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Eduardo Melo

I'm a musician in Tokyo, Japan

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I am a brazilian music producer currently staying in Japan for a few months, looking foward to work with new people interested in good electronic music, soundtracks of any kind and beyond.
Also available for electronic/experimental/videogame music performance and events of any kind around here, tokyo and saitama are ok for jobs that requires physical presence.

My Creations

  1. 8bit Soundtrack made by me, and video edited by Ricardo Lopes for MTV Brazil.

  2. Ultra modern funky beat

    11 October 2016

    Made entirely with a Nintendo DS lite running a nanoloop cartridge, those timbres are unique and colorful if you seek for an exclusive soundtrack.

  3. Made entirely with Renoise tracker, trying to experiment some robotic vocal samples possibilities with a modern fast beat, it just adds up to a sci-fi futuristic feeling :) enjoy!

  4. Made with Renoise, an advanced tracker.
    straight flat bass line with simple samples touch for an inspiring atmosphere.

  5. 8 bit reggae/dub track

    11 October 2016

    8 bit reggae/dub track, for a brazilian 8bit dub compilation. reggae metrics and 8bit were always together, great game soundtracks were inspired by it (bomberman, dr mario, earthbound...) and that is why this track was such a pleasure to develop.
    made entirely with Famitracker, a nintendo 8bit sound emulator.

  6. Made for my "Metadistonia" album (2014), straight up Techno w/ strong beats, it gives an action sci-fi feeling. made entirely with a handheld device called Dingo A230 running the LGPT, a powerfull tracker that works quite well w/ samples.

  7. App developed by Webcore, where my friend Rafael Nascimento from Chippanze (our brazilian chipmusic netlabel) took a huge role on the project. It consists on converting your regular photo into several old videogames graphic filter! some advanced pixelation going on, great stuff
    They used my song for the comercial soundtrack,... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  8. Droid-On (my 8bit electronic music project) and Manuel Fernández colaborating for the Plink Flojd project. Song entirely made with a Gameboy.


    Hy Brazil is a compo curated by Chico Dub, with the intent to promote brazilian experimental music around the world, this track was featured on BBC radio 3 made with 8bit software.