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I'm a marketing/pr professional in Tokyo, Japan

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I work with multinational clients in Asia-Pacific providing strategic services covering all aspects of marketing and business development, with a focus on digital and customer relationship management.

I am fluent in Japanese and well-versed in handling the varied challenges of leading multicultural, cross-functional teams at all levels of global organizations, consistently delivering positive outcomes for corporate initiatives.

This has frequently been as a catalyst building teams from scratch, coaching staff to increase their engagement and output, and syncing with local and global executives to ensure alignment in fast-paced environments.

I continue to build on these areas of training and professional development in both corporate and academic instruction. Most recently I have been active as senior advisor for Temple University’s Certificate Programs in Branding, Management and Strategic Internet Communications. These programs provide professionals with essential knowledge that can be readily applied through the evaluation, development and execution of corporate strategy and marketing campaigns.

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