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Dries Bos

I'm a developer in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

Hello I’m Dries and I practise Creative Development as an excuse to travel the world, meet creative people and get coffee perks. I work with awesome agencies like Hello Comrade and Ode to A and these days spend most of my time building interfaces at startups. In the past I’ve build the Fotomat website-builder from concept to launch with the ramen-devouring Fotomat team and before that I ran the Fotohal Photography Festival and founded the Close My Eyes fine-art store. I’ve had the pleasure to support talented artists through the Japan Photo Awards, the New Japan Photo publications and other venues. Before that I studied Philosophy and before that I was born, opened my eyes and cried my greeting as loud as my little lungs could carry.

My Creations

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    19 June 2023

    Portfolio Project