Drew / Andres Vogt - Artist in Tokyo

Drew / Andres Vogt

I'm an artist in Oaxaca, Mexico

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I speak English and Spanish

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About me

After decades in retail, fine art and the metaphysical ministry, I am happy to be living in Mexico, painting, writing, and expediting non-profit work with underprivileged children. I co-founded a nonprofit (and non-religious) org to do this: www.CasadeKids.org

I live near to Oaxaca city, the capital of Oaxaca State. I designed and had my home built last year, high on a hill for great views in 2016.

My Creations

  1. I live in a rural area, near to our capital; so I am enamoured with the changing light, landscape, from hour to hour, and day to day; the seasons bring many other color changes, green grass, flowers, etc.

  2. I find the passing clouds mesmerising, they are so transitory, fleeting; solid but not, robust and soft. I think the lightness of clouds and skies reminds us of the freedom we feel when we are free of the physical body.