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David Willoughby

I'm a writer in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English and Japanese

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I write about sustainability, craft, technology, work, and place. I’ve also managed verbal identity, case studies, and brand media for clients ranging from tiny startups to major companies like Suntory and Panasonic. Feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind.

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  1. Call yourself a Tokyoite, wherever you're from. Find the small spaces. Document your experience. Connect with people outside your professional sphere.

    Conclusion of an interview I wrapped up with Mariko Sugita, all about working, living and belonging in the world's greatest city.


  2. Just refreshed and expanded a guide I wrote last year on the creative job market in Tokyo. Perhaps some of this will be elementary-school stuff for Canvas regulars, but some advice bears repeating over and over: Be present, be humble, be patient, learn the language, and make local connections.

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