Craig Rozynski - Artist in Tokyo

Craig Rozynski

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English and Japanese

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My name’s Craig Rozynski. I’ve lived in Japan since 2010, with a year here or there in Australia, where I'm originally from.

My 'day job' is doing commercial design work. Brand design. But my focus, and the reason I joined Canvas, is to grow my art project, called Ghoul. I have a team of 3D artists, a voxel illustrator, copywriter, developers, and a manufacturing plant in Shenzen all helping me to realise the world of Ghoul.

I'm looking for people in other creative disciplines who are interested in commissions to help build the brand.

I'm doing an artists residency at Almost Perfect in May 2021. Luis and Yuka Mendo recommended Paco Martinez, who is now working on a Ghoul project called The Artifact. Paco kindly invited me to Canvas.

Can't wait to meet more of you. Hope I can give something back :)

My Creations

  1. "The GHOUL Guy"

    19 April
    "The GHOUL Guy"

    My name’s Craig Rozynski. I’m originally from Australia. I’m using 25 years of design and marketing experience to launch an art brand called Ghoul.I've been really abs...

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  2. GHOUL Voxel Diorama 1

    To build the world around the ghoul characters, I thought it would be fun to create little scenes – dioramas – of them in their habitats. I've been working with a voxe...

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  3. Almost Perfect residency: 9 – 23 May

    It begins! If you're nearby feel free to stop in and say hello. Send a DM to me on to make sure I'll be around.I'll be doing some night...

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